Michael Allio Admits He Should Have Dealt With Sierra Jackson Breakup Differently

Former Bachelor in Paradise star Michael Allio seems to have moved on after his breakup with Sierra Jackson. His new girlfriend, Danielle Maltby, is making plans to move to the winner of the 8th season of Bachelor in Paradise’s hometown. Still, there seems to be some unnerving vibe surrounding his recent breakup with Sierra. Read on to find out what went wrong and how Allio coped with the situation.

What Went Wrong Between Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson?

Michael Allio On How He Dealt with the Breakup with Sierra JacksonMichael Allio connected with Sierra Jackson not long after both arrived on the Bachelor in Paradise beach in Mexico. Soon after Sierra mentioned her desire to become a stepmom to Michael’s young boy, Michael hit the brakes.

But he didn’t just tell her they weren’t meant to be together. Instead, he used a rather dull excuse. Namely, he told Sierra he’s still trying to overcome his grief after he lost his wife. What could she do? Well, she decided to pack her bags and went home.

How Danielle Maltby Came Into the Picture

Michael Allio On How He Dealt with the Breakup with Sierra JacksonAfter Sierra’s exit, Danielle Maltby came on the show, and she hit it off with Michael Allio. Danielle had also lost a partner in 2011, so the two had something to bond over. The couple seems happy together, and Danielle has recently commented that she and his son have even “become buddies.”

But Michael is still being asked about his breakup with Sierra. He recently appeared on a podcast called, Here for the Right Reasons. In it, he commented on the situation, saying he now realizes he’d handled things incorrectly. He feels sorry for not being able to explain how he felt toward her and even apologized to Sierra.

Things went downward when Danielle got in the mix, though. In her appearance on the Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe podcast, Danielle referred to Sierra as “what’s her face.” There was no need to rub salt into Sierra’s wound, and Danielle’s move was just not cool.