Funny Twitter Posts Absolutely Nail Every Hallmark Movie Ever Made

Merritt Patterson and Jon Ecker in "Gingerbread Miracle" on the Hallmark Channel,

Some recent posts from users of Twitter absolutely ace every single Hallmark Christmas movie that has ever been produced. In 2001, viewers were first introduced to the format of what is now known as The Hallmark Channel, which is a TV channel that is owned by the same parent corporation as Hallmark Cards.

What Is Hallmark Best Known For?

Hallmark is best recognized for its animal specials – such as the Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl, which air concurrently with the Super Bowl – and its holiday programming, despite undergoing multiple format modifications since then. In 2009, Hallmark started its now-famous Countdown to Christmas block, which comprises holiday movies, specials, and other Hallmark original programming from the final week of October through January 1. To date, Hallmark has produced more than 150 original Christmas films, the majority of which are characterized by the recurrent motif of young, unusual couples falling in love.

Twitter Users Going Crazy!

Tweet About Hallmark Movies

With the holiday season in full swing, some Twitter users have nailed the recipe for a typical Hallmark Christmas movie. The memes parody Hallmark’s typical storyline of city-dwelling businesswomen returning to their rural hometowns for the holidays and falling in love with country boys who “teach them the meaning of Christmas.”

There is a huge demand for Hallmark Christmas movies, even if the company is starting yet another year of what many consider to be the same holiday movies over and over. Because viewers have grown to expect certain characteristics from Hallmark originals, including cozy, pleasant predictability, they tend to be low-budget, high-earning films. The Hallmark Channel is the most-watched cable network among women ages 18 to 54 in November and December because Hallmark Christmas movies are wonderfully romantic, feel-good, and family-friendly. These holiday films continue to be successful despite some complaints that they repeatedly retread the same plot.

Countdown to Christmas logo

Hallmark’s Christmas originals, while typically being very feel-good, very romantic films, tend to drastically split audiences; people either enjoy them or mock them. However, despite the criticisms, the channel is moving ahead with its plans to air 31 Christmas movies as part of this year’s Countdown to Christmas.