A Twitter User Gets Roasted About a Statement Regarding Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff as Lizzi Macquire in the hit series on Disney

Hilary Duff is well known for her childhood in a Disney favorite – Lizzi Macguire. Hilary was a figure in the classic show about a teen girl, her life, family, and high school survival. It was great to watch during the early 2000s because it was relatable to young girls everywhere. Duff has done some debuts in recent years. However, she took a step back to get married and become a mother of three!

Hilary Duff in the Blue Swimsuit

Hilary Duff's photo for Women's Health Magazine cover shoot

She recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram from a photoshoot wearing a blue bathing suit. Hilary is now 35, and her pictures have turned out beautifully. It was a Women’s Heath Magazine cover shoot that Duff did earlier in the year. One user’s post, though, was enough to send people into a frenzy! The user commented the actress still looks great at 35, which sent people over the edge!

Upset Over a Comment

Only one word from the user’s comment about Hilary Duff and her appearance was enough to anger many users on the platform. The one thing that caught everyone’s attention was the word “still” in the post. They went on to say that 35 is not as ancient as it sounds. People were upset, like women of her age are supposed to be dried up and look terrible. The user got roasted by many for his use of that one word!

The User Fought Back

The user roasted on Instagram, whose tag is Daily Loud, was bewildered by the response, so he fired back. He retaliated to all the hate he was getting, saying how gorgeous she looked, and he couldn’t believe how crazed the Internet got over such a well-intended statement.

Daily Loud posted response of all the hate about his comment on Duff's Instagram photo

Nowadays, people have an opinion about everything, and even a seemingly innocent comment can send someone into a frenzy. It can be frustrating, but sometimes the best response is saying something witty in your defense and hoping people move on – just as this specific user did about his Hilary Duff comment.