‘1899’ Is on Netflix But Viewers Should Turn off the Dubbed Setting

A new mystery series called 1899 is available on Netflix. It is a period drama about a group of immigrants who leave London on a steamship to start a new life in New York City. On its way across the Atlantic, the steamship runs into another ship full of migrants, and the trip takes a dark turn. Viewers are advised to disable the setting for the show to make sense.

‘1899’ Is on Netflix, But Viewers Should Turn off the Setting

Dubbed Audio Might Be Confusing

Fans may be enticed to watch the series with dubbed audio because it is a German series featuring dialogue in other languages, including Cantonese and English. Dubbing audio is a technique for substituting translated audio for the clip’s original dialogue. For instance, dubbing can enable those who speak English to see a Spanish-language movie with English audio rather than the original audio.

However, home viewers are now being advised to disable this setting since, if you don’t listen to the conversation as it was intended by Friese and Bo Odar, the plot may appear unclear to viewers. There are times in the series when the characters on the ship are unable to get across a language barrier when topics are being addressed in different languages, so dubbing can make the plot seem unclear due to the employment of multiple languages.

There Is a Setting to Fix This!

The dub might be confusing to viewers if, for instance, an English-speaking character overhears a German-speaking character speaking and asks someone else who is bilingual in both languages to translate for them. To better comprehend all of the characters in the show, you can turn on subtitles if you decide to heed the suggestion and turn off the dubbing options on the streaming platform.

When the show begins, use your remote to choose the speech bubble icon at the bottom of the screen to turn off the dubbing setting. After that, set your audio to “English [Original]” and your subtitles to “English [CC].”