Netflix Approved New Japanese Thriller Series, Burn the House Down

Netflix has a mystery-thriller adaptation of the popular manga Burn the House Down in the works for its next Japanese original series. The original manga, written and illustrated by up-and-coming artist Moyashi Fujisawa, started running in Kodansha’s Kiss magazine in 2017. It quickly gained popularity and received several bids to be adapted.

Netflix Approved New Japanese Thriller Series, Burn the House DownJapanese Series Are Trendy

The Netflix series will, like the manga, follow the tale of Anzu Murata, a young lady who, to recapture the life that was stolen from her, infiltrates the lavish Mitarai family’s home as a cleaner. She’s welcomed by Mr. Mitarai’s stunning and exemplary second wife, Makiko, and sets out on a journey to uncover the truth about a startling fire that occurred 13 years earlier. According to Netflix, Burn the House Down will debut in 2023.

The show is the latest addition to Netflix’s expanding catalog of live-action, Japanese-language originals. Japan is a key growth market for all international streaming services as subscriber penetration in North America and Europe has reached a plateau. According to a survey from research company Media Partners Asia, Japan had 48.4 million members to subscription video services at the end of the first quarter of 2022, with Amazon Prime making up 34% of the total, followed by Netflix with 14% and Hulu Japan with 6%. According to the study, Japanese anime accounted for 51% of consumption (i.e., viewing time) on SVOD platforms in Japan, followed by Japanese live-action material (18%), American series (10%), American films, and Korean series (7% each).

Netflix Changed People’s Lives

Since the advent of the Internet, our lives have undergone several changes. The Internet has improved communication around the world, allowing us to learn more about and develop closer ties with previously remote nations. Although it began as a DVD rental business, Netflix could see the future far before its competitors, and in 2007 it launched its live streaming watching service. It’s currently the most well-known streaming service in the world, providing its services in more than 190 nations and even creating its shows and films.