The Biggest Myths In Hollywood Filmmaking

Movie magic still fascinates the public who want to know what happens behind the scenes.  In our days, the film industry is far from the golden age of Hollywood; there are many myths on how movie magic is made, but there is always an explanation.

Lights, Camera, Action!
These three words live on as the film production continues. Griffith used these three words to turn his films into a work of art. Frustrated on set and running out the time, Griffith used these three words to make the things moving as he planned.

A stuntman killed during the chariot scene in Ben-Hur
Some believed that the stuntman doubling Stephen Boyd suffered fatal injuries during the chariot race in Ben-Hur. The rumors also stated that the moment of his death appeared in the movie, against the stuntman’s widow wish. Charleston Heston stated in his biography that during the iconic scene. The stuntman Joe Canutt thrown from the chariot, escaped to a serious injury. The race was made in the extensive safety procedures. The price was $1 Million to make it.

The word “sex” hidden in a scene from the film “The Lion King”
Rumors that Walt Disney placed sexual messages in his animated features are old. On several occasions, the myth is true. If you manage to pause at the right time, you can see a topless woman in the background of “The Rescuers”. In “The Lion King”, there is a scene where Simba flops down on dust, which appears into the skywriting the word “sex”. It is actually a studio special effect, spelling “SFX”.

Stanley Kubrick helped NASA fake the moon landing
Conspiracy theorists believe in the idea that the US governments faked the moon landing. Scientists proved that the landing was true, but the idea of the fake remains. The idea of a fake moon landing comes from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, that is Stanley Kubrick masterpiece.

Walt Disney frozen
The theme park founder and talented animator Walt Disney passed away in 1966. He was a heavy smoker all his life and contracted lung cancer, dying in the hospital of circulatory collapse a month after the diagnosis. He was cremated and his ashes scattered at a forest in Glendale, California. The official story is true. People believed that Walt Disney decided to try to extend his life in the future. However, the rumor is false.

Brandon Lee’s real-life death featured in “The Crow”
Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, fatally shot on the set of “The Crow”, in 1993 become a mysterious character. The movie is a source of fascination for fans of urban legends. During the scene in which Eric Draven, Brandon’s character, comes home to find some thugs attacking his fiancée, Lee received a bullet in the abdomen with a real bullet instead of the blank bullet. Transported to the hospital he died due to his injuries. The video footage was used as evidence into an investigation but was later destroyed.