Classic Disney Films That Won’t Ever Be Forgotten

Before 1995 for about half a century Disney was the gold standard for animated films. A few of their beginner movies ended up revolutionizing the filmmaking and ended up creating possibilities for a medium that could never have been imagined. It only got better when Disney were introduced to computer animation and the big celebrities started voicing the characters.

Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella is one to remember and gives all the girls hope there really is a prince charming. Cinderella is a movie that captures the hearts of young girls when prince charming is introduced in the scene. The pretty girl gets a fairy godmother, a beautiful make over and wears a pair of glass slippers and finds herself in the arms of prince charming. There is however your typical road blocks in the movie such as the evil stepmother and the stepsisters who give Cinderella an awful life of hard work and rags as clothes. They two want the prince for themselves. While it is an outdated movie there is even a few oldies who can’t help but feel excited when the slipper is put on Cinderella. Cinderella ended up dealing with a lot from her evil family however she is then gifted a beautiful gown from all the abuse she had suffered. It still shows the lesson there that good people will be rewarded.

Alice in Wonderland (1951)
This movie has been described by a few as a drug trip from Disney. It has a fantastical premise to it but seems to be more suited to the adult genders. A young girl falls into a rabbit’s hole and goes into a special wonderland. Here she meets a few insane characters like the mad hatter and the Cheshire cat.
Visually this movie is one of the best for its times and only seems to get more hectic as you head further into the film.
This movie doesn’t miss out on the darker undertones of the movie world. Alice has a wonderful imagination that she lets unfold from chasing animals around a tea party to meeting with a queen who orders her execution. It is an emotional roller-coaster for children with a bit of tense on the edge of your seat stuff to the wonderful imagination of talking animals but there are also a few frightening scenes that may make children a little uneasy.

The Lion King (1994)
The lion king is a classic tale of redemption with beautiful soundtracks to the best ever voice cast. Simba a lion cub experiences the cruel world of blaming himself for killing his father and not being able to see the evil within his uncles face for what it really was, pure hate and spiteful jealously. Scar his uncle had set Mufasa up to die so he could claim the kings throne. Simba leaves his home and goes out on his own when he is all grown up he comes back home to face his uncle. Due to being a Disney movie of course Simba forgave scar and spared his life. Simba however was betrayed again, and Simba ended up throwing scar of a cliff to which he didn’t die. Scar ended up being killed by the hyenas who once has his back when they realized there was no loyalty there for them at all.

Snow white and the seven dwarfs (1937)
This movie is an utter classic and it surprised many to know it was made in 1937. It was also the first Disney animated feature film. Snow white was the true queen not that evil queen with her self-affirming mirror she talked to on a daily basis. However, snow white does not hold its popularity now as many of the other Romantic Disney films. With her seven little dwarf friends she finds happiness and true friendships among all those little personalities like grumpy, dopey and bashful.