What Was the First Movie Ever Made?

Don’t we love going to the movies? Apart from enjoying a delicious bucket of popcorn, you also get to see your favorite movie from a screen that is 100 times bigger than your TV.

We take a lot of the technology advancements for granted because we have grown in an era where special effects in movies have been in use. However, movie technology hasn’t always been as amazing as it is currently. There was a time when films didn’t have sound! If you don’t believe this, let’s take a journey down the memory lane to the first movie ever produced…

When was the first-ever film made?

Experimenting started in the late 1880s by mixing photos to make an illusion of a motion picture. It all began when Simon Stamper from Australia and Joseph Plateau from Belgium developed a device known as phenakistoscope. The gadget was the precursor for modern motion pictures, and several advances followed it in 1890. Since the technology was difficult to use, it made motion pictures rare, but some movies were produced.

The Horse in Motion (1878)

What Was the First Movie Ever Made?

Apart from being the first movie that ever saw the light of day, “The Horse in Motion” answered the question of whether all four horse’s hooves were ever off the ground at the same time. The groundbreaking film was accomplished by setting up many cameras to go off at the exact time. If you are a movie lover, consider doing this, and you’ll appreciate how far film technology has come along.

Roundhay Garden Scene (1888)

What Was the First Movie Ever Made?

It was the first motion-picture film that showed real consecutive action. Louis Le Prince directed the short movie. While it only lasted 2.11 seconds, it is considered an actual film. “Roundhay Garden Scene” is in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest surviving movie in existence.

The Arrival of a Train (1895)

What Was the First Movie Ever Made?

As technology continued advancing, producers could film for longer. The third movie is known as “Arrival of a Train,” and it lasts for 50 seconds. It has a single view that shows an aspect of daily living. The film has one continues real-time short. The first time this film was shown, the audience was frightened by the image of a real train. Some people even ran out screaming.

After these three films lasting a few seconds long and without sound, technology advanced further. In the 1920s, film production firms found a way of adding sound to movies. In 1927, the first full-length feature film was produced. It was known as “The Jazz Singer.” Since then, the rest has been history, as they say.