Hollywood Movies That Broke World Records

All producers of different movies want their own to be the best or at least be better than the others that have been released. This has increased competition and therefore movies are now better than those of the past. The Guinness book of world records holds the greatest records that have been set. There are also movies that are listed for being the best from a certain perspective depending on how it was acted and the reaction of the audience to the movies.

There are top 5 movies that are in the book of world records. They include:


Avatar was set to be released immediately after the Titanic. However, this was interrupted when the director of the movie thought that there was no enough technology for the movie to be released in the best form. After waiting for a number of years, it was now time to release it. As soon as the movie was released, it earned $77 million on the first weekend and one month later, it was the greatest in grossing rates. Initially the titanic was leading, but the avatar surpassed its grossing and in the end, it earned over 2.8 million within a single year.

The Owner.

Many movies are normally made by few directors. This is not the case when it comes to The Owner. The movie is one of a kind and it has a blend of different cultures and traditions of many parts of the world. This is because the movie was produced by many directors. The directors each made a part and they were combined into one movie. Is this not unique? Almost 25 directors were involved and yet the movie blends as if it was done by one. The movie won the record of the movie with the most number of directors.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

This is also one of the movies which are in the Guinness book of world records. The movie is said to be having the most expensive costume. This is the black cocktail dress worn by the starring actress Audrey Hepburn. The dress was sold at £467200 and this is the largest amount of money that a costume had been sold for.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

This movie was rated as the most expensive produced movies. It was expensive as the producer used almost 379 million dollars in total for its production. However, this was not so bad because the movie made a higher gross which compensated for the production cost and still got them profits.

Guardians of the galaxy.

This film was the deadliest at the time. It had the most number of deaths on the screen. It recorded up to 83,871. This number was reached when 80,000 pilots died in one scene. This made it break a record of deaths and made a difference of more than 78 thousand deaths.

Even though some of these movies have bad reviews from some people, at least they have something to be celebrated for. This makes them unique among other movies which is great.